The Process for Immigration DNA Testing: A Comprehensive Guide for USCIS and DOS

If you’re applying for an immigration benefit that requires proof of a biological relationship, you may need to undergo DNA testing with either USCIS or the Department of State (DOS). Here’s what you need to know about the process for immigration DNA testing with USCIS and DOS:

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Determine if DNA testing is necessary
The first step is to determine if DNA testing is necessary. This may be suggested by USCIS or DOS if there is insufficient evidence of a biological relationship between family members. DNA testing can also be done proactively in some cases.

Find an accredited DNA testing laboratory
If DNA testing is necessary, you’ll need to find an accredited DNA testing laboratory. Both USCIS and DOS provide a list of approved laboratories that meet the required standards for DNA testing.

Schedule a DNA testing appointment
Once you’ve selected an accredited laboratory, you’ll need to schedule a DNA testing appointment. The laboratory will provide you with a list of their authorized sample collection sites, which are located in many countries worldwide.

Collect DNA samples
At the sample collection site, a trained professional will collect DNA samples from each person being tested. The samples are then sent to the accredited laboratory for testing.

Receive DNA test results
The laboratory will send the DNA test results to either USCIS or DOS, depending on which agency requested the testing. If the test results prove a biological relationship between family members, USCIS or DOS will issue a visa. If the test results are inconclusive or do not prove the claimed relationship, the visa may be denied.

Follow up with the embassy or consulate
Once the visa is issued, the applicant must follow up with the embassy or consulate to complete the visa application process.

In conclusion, DNA testing is an important tool used by USCIS and DOS to establish biological relationships between family members for immigration cases. By following the above steps and working with an accredited DNA testing laboratory, you can ensure that your DNA test results are accurate and meet the required standards for immigration cases.

Need a DNA Immigration Test? Get Started Now →

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