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The Genetrack Advantage

Genetrack is an international biotechnology company specializing in DNA identity and medical testing for personal and court use. Genetrack leverages the latest and most advanced biomedical developments within the scientific community as well as performing validations and implementing improvements for the benefit of the client.


Genetrack aims to:

  • Provide the highest quality DNA testing services worldwide to our clients in the US and internationally.
  • Use the latest and most reliable equipment and methods to process and analyze DNA for our clients.
  • Incorporate the latest technologies in the medical and scientific fields for the benefit of our clients.


The ongoing developments in biotechnology, and specifically in molecular biology allow applications of DNA testing to expand rapidly to encompass many investigative tests to resolve family issues that concern much of our population. Such tests include paternity testing, maternity testing, sibship testing, grandparentage testing, aunt/uncle testing, twin testing, prenatal testing, forensic testing, genealogy testing, among others. As we move into this exciting new phase of molecular diagnostics, Genetrack feels that it is important for families to have the option to entrust their family’s important tests with a world class highly recognized laboratory as an investment in their future.


Genetrack is accredited by the AABB, CAP and is ISO17025 accredited. Genetrack is a recognized and approved supplier of DNA Immigration testing services for the US Department of Justice (Legacy INS), U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

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