The Importance of AABB DNA Testing for US Immigration

If you’re planning to file for a US immigration application, you may have heard about the requirement for an AABB DNA test. But what exactly is an AABB DNA test, and why is it necessary?

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AABB (formerly known as American Association of Blood Banks) is a non-profit organization that accredits DNA testing laboratories based on rigorous standards of testing and quality control. An AABB-accredited DNA lab is recognized as meeting the highest standards of scientific and ethical conduct in the industry.

The US immigration authorities, including USCIS and DOS, often require applicants to undergo an AABB DNA test as part of their application process. The purpose of the test is to establish a biological relationship between two or more people, such as a parent and a child or siblings, for immigration purposes.

AABB DNA testing can be used to prove a biological relationship in situations where traditional documentation, such as birth certificates or passports, is unavailable, unreliable, or insufficient. This may be the case, for example, for applicants who were born in countries where civil records are incomplete or destroyed, or for children who were born out of wedlock.

The AABB DNA test for US immigration typically involves collecting DNA samples from the applicant(s) and the alleged biological relative(s), usually through buccal (cheek) swabs. The samples are then sent to an AABB-accredited laboratory for analysis. The lab will compare the DNA profiles of the tested individuals to determine the probability of a biological relationship.

The cost of an AABB DNA test for US immigration can vary depending on the location that the parties to be tested are located and the number of tested individuals. When choosing a DNA testing lab, it’s crucial to ensure that they are AABB-accredited and that they have experience with immigration cases. Using a non-accredited lab or an inexperienced lab can lead to delays, rejections, or even legal issues. Genetrack is an AABB-accredited laboratory that specializes in DNA immigration testing for USCIS and DOS.

In conclusion, the AABB DNA test is a critical component of many US immigration cases. It provides a reliable and objective method of establishing a biological relationship between applicants and their alleged relatives. By choosing an AABB-accredited laboratory, you can ensure that your test results will be recognized and accepted by the immigration authorities.

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