How much does DNA immigration Testing cost?

Navigating the complexities of immigration can be challenging, but DNA testing offers a reliable solution for establishing biological relationships. Genetrack Biolabs, a leader in DNA analysis with over 25 years of experience, provides AABB accredited DNA testing that meets the rigorous standards set by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

The Cost of US Immigration DNA Testing

At Genetrack Biolabs, the cost of immigration DNA testing starts at $230 for two individuals, with an additional $200 for each extra person tested. This pricing can vary based on the number of individuals being tested, the type of test, and the testing location.

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What’s included in a DNA Immigration Test?

Our immigration DNA testing package encompasses everything you need for a streamlined process:

  • Sample Collection: Conducted at our widespread collection centers, ensuring convenience no matter where you are.
  • Laboratory Analysis: Our state-of-the-art, AABB-accredited labs ensure your results are accurate and reliable.
  • Official Documentation: We provide all necessary reports and documentation, recognized and accepted by USCIS.

The cost of DNA testing for US immigration with Genetrack includes the collection of DNA samples, detailed laboratory analysis, and a certified DNA test report that is accepted by the Unit and . We also offer a rush option for an additional fee if you need your test results quickly.

Why Choose Genetrack US for Immigration DNA Testing?

Choosing the right laboratory for your immigration DNA testing is crucial. Genetrack Biolabs not only offers AABB accredited testing but also ensures fast, reliable, and confidential results. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing the support and guidance needed throughout the testing process.

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